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Endurance Sports Drink Powder

Package Type 560g plastic canister with scoop        

Serving size 250ml

Formulated for farther. When you’re going the extra mile, your body requires more from its fuel to keep running. Endurance Formula is made for longer, more intense work outs with twice the sodium and three times the potassium of Gatorade.

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Electrolytes Carbs Kilojoules
Sodium 218mg / Potassium 100mg / Chloride 104mg / Calcium 16mg / Magnesium 4.1mg  15g  260
Further takes more. More determination. More early mornings. And more nutrients. Gatorade Endurance Formula has nearly twice the sodium and three times the potassium of traditional Gatorade. Endurance Formula can help you stay fueled and hydrated from the first kilometre to number 42 and beyond. Endurance Formula's contains a specialised carbohydrate solution which has been scientifically formulated to be absorbed into the bloodstream as quickly as water, so both the fluid and carbs are delivered fast while minimising the risk for gastrointestinal distress during a long (2.5 hr+) training session or race compared to a single carb solution. An optimum carb intake is crucial to going the distance. Not only is this the foundation of an endurance athlete’s nutritional needs, but it helps provide muscles with the energy needed to go further.

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