Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Committed to helping athletes. Hydration and nutrition science.

Since its auspicious start, Gatorade has gone on to qualify its reputation around the world by establishing scientific links with recognised institutions, as well as setting up the Gatorade Exercise Physiology Laboratory in Barrington, Illinois, in 1985 to conduct scientific research in the areas of exercise, sports and nutrition. This has since been superseded by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) in 1988, which continues to research and conduct ground-breaking research in the field of sports and develops education materials for sports health professionals around the world.

GSSI staff scientists study the effects of exercise, the environment and nutrition on the human body using the latest scientific technology and equipment. In addition to the GSSI's own exercise physiology, biochemistry and exercise sensory labs, GSSI also works with leading scientists from universities around the world to further research in exercise science and sports nutrition.

The Institute is advised by several boards who provide advice and information on research topics relevant to the GSSI's mission and offer direction on future educational offerings.

The Institute has become a truly international organization in recent years and currently serves nearly 110,000 members in over 145 countries worldwide.

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